- Initial LD submission
- Fixed bug where enemies and workshops from previous level weren't being cleaned up
- Fixed bug where you could build attachments that didn't actually exist
- Fixed bug where you couldn't go to level 4 because the game thought there weren't any free platforms available
v0.1.3 (CURRENT)
- Reduced the cost of attachments so people can actually get them in a reasonable amount of time
- WebGL fullscreen will capture the escape key instead of my game, so I added X's to the UI so you can close them when playing fullscreen

As Ludum Dare 35 approached, developers were presented with the final 20 themes. One among them spoke to me: Companion. Despite the fact that it was not the theme that was selected, I could not get it out of my head, and so I went against the theme, sacrificing points in the hopes of having more fun developing for the last 48 hours.

And so The Core was born. The vision I had for The Core was an isometric dungeon crawler, in which you would fight against hordes of enemies, collecting parts to improve your robot companion that bestows many benefits upon you. The goal was to protect The Core, the birthplace of all robots.

Given the 48 hours I had, I was not able to really implement the story side of the game, but I plan to in the future. Also, very obviously, these screenshots do not show an isometric game. As another time-saving measure, this initial build is using a procedural platformer generator that I made in the first hour.

The features currently available in the game are as follows:


Attachments are how you modify the composition of your robot companion. Attachments can be equipped from the attachment manager by dragging them from the inventory to an available slot. Attachments can also be unequipped by dragging them off of the slot and back into the player's inventory. The following attachments are available in the game:

Gun, Sword, AOE Damage, Heal, Shield, Thorns, Jump Jet, Booster, Gatherer

The effects of these attachments can be seen from the attachment manager menu in-game.


Workshops can be found in the game on random platforms. When at a workshop, you can press the interact key to open the workshop. In the workshop, you can select an attachment from the left side, and use the Build button to create a new one, if you have the parts needed. You can also select one of your own attachments from the right side, and either disassemble it, granting the player a permanent stat boost, or level it up, granting your robot bonuses while the attachment is equipped. Leveling up an attachment costs the same as creating a new one.


All enemies drop parts. Parts are used to build and level up attachments. Keep your eyes open for the green part drops as your kill your enemies.


If you equip your robot companion with three attachments of the same type, you will activate a temporary powerup based on the class. Once the powerup has finished, the attachments on your robot will be destroyed.

Attack Powerup - Increased fire rate and damge

Defense Powerup - Increased armor

Utility Powerup - Increased speed and jumping power


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