Bounded is a prototype created for the 2019 Github Game Off.

NOTE: The WebGL build has some wacky UI stuff for some reason, but no worries, it gets the job done!

In Bounded, you face off against a rival wizard, the two of you dueling with a restricted board of elemental mana.

Manipulate the board, cast spells to manipulate your opponent's board, and create elemental tokens to seize victory.

In its current state, Bounded is pretty messy, but I would love your feedback on the mechanic and if you'd be interested in something expanding on it!


Your goal in Bounded is to create 3 of each type of elemental token before your opponent. These tokens are created using a hard to cast spell, that you can find in your spellbook (TAB). In the prototype version, you have 13 spells at your disposal, to create tokens, or manipulate your opponent's board.

You have a mana pool available to you, represented by the 2x2 white square. This pool allows you to rotate the mana on the board, and is how you select the mana to cast your spell.


W A S D - Move your mana pool

Q - Rotate the mana in your pool counter-clockwise

E - Rotate the mana in your pool clockwise

TAB - View your spellbook

R - View your opponent's board

F - Cast a spell using the mana in your pool

G - Pass your turn without casting a spell


Download 20 MB

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