A downloadable game for Windows

Progress Album: https://imgur.com/a/ZxwnV

Known Issues [0.7.0]:

There are some artifacts on outline of logo letters when it is open.

The lobby is very ugly

Player info is shown on the arena wall, even for players that aren't present.

(If you run into any issues, feel free to let me know)

Splitzball is an in-development arcade sports game, being created as part of the DayKnight 30-day challenge, created by Day[9]. In Splitzball, you can split your player in two, and recombine them at-will.

You have access to the following abilities:

Charge - When combined, you will charge until you let go of the button. You will be unable to change direction while charging. If you collide with a player that is holding the ball, it will be knocked from their hands.

Dash - Gain a speed boost when split while you hold the button down.

Split - When you split, the split players will move in the direction of your thumb sticks. If you are holding the ball, it will be thrown at the average angle of the split player angles.

Combine - When split, holding down the combine button will drag the split players together.

(Now works with the keyboard, but it's brutally difficult. A controller is highly recommended.)

Controller Controls

Left Stick - Move Combined Player / Move Left Split Player

Right Stick - Move Right Split Player

Left Bumper - Split Player

Right Bumper - Combine Players

Left Trigger - Charge (Combined) / Left Player Dash (Split)

Right Trigger - Right Player Dash (Split)

A - Select (Menu)

Start - Start (Menu)

Left Stick / D-Pad - Move (Menu) / Switch Team (Lobby)

Keyboard Controls

WASD - Move Combined Player / Move Left Split Player

IJKL - Move Right Split Player

Space - Split Player

Space - Combine Players

Left Shift - Charge (Combined) / Left Player Dash (Split)

Period - Right Player Dash (Split)

Space - Select (Menu)

Enter - Start (Menu)

WASD / Arrows - Move (Menu) / Switch Team (Lobby)


splitzball-windows.zip 24 MB
Version 0.7.0 Jun 04, 2018